January 10, 2007

Summary of recent events

  • A public consultation is going on at Nominet. The Registry wants to update its Dispute Resolution Service for .uk domain names. It would in particular extend the scope of protection of descriptive names which distinctive character is the result of the use made of them.
  • In the physical world, privacy laws protect you. In the virtual worlds, copyright law protect your avatar. Read this story about Second Life.
  • Several papers reported that 10,000 domain names were "lost" after a quake in Taiwan. Apparently, cables were damaged, but... names?
  • The longest URL in the world may be: thelongestlistofthelongeststuffatthelongestdomainnameatlonglast.com/wearejustdoingthis tobestupidnowsincethiscangoonforeverandeverandeverbutitstilllookskindaneat inthebrowsereventhoughitsabigwasteoftimeandenergyand hasnorealpointbutwehadtodoitanyways.html
  • Kremen dismissed. The former ex-owner of sex.com brought an antitrust action against ARIN (American Registry for Internet Numbers), complaining that he did not have control over IP resources, and that ARIN refused to transfer a block of IP addresses.
  • Coming to a DNS server near you: .xxx! I do not know if ICANN is procrastinating, but it published a revised proposed agreement on this TLD (see also its plans for conclusion of sTLD application process)
  • One country, one IP address: The whole internet traffic has been blocked in Qatar because the sole ISP for the country funnels all the traffic through a single IP address
  • Today, keyword ads (and metatags) do not confuse consumers (Eric Goldman). Wait tomorrow.
  • New ccTLDs: .rs for Serbia and .me for Montenegro (as of today, they have not been assigned). Guess in which of these two extensions domain names will be more valuable?
  • NTIA approved new .com registry agreement / Neustar keeps .biz.
  • Virtual Dispute Resolution Policy and a virtual world arbitration body for virtual conflicts that would function like the UDRP for domain name disputes? This is what Greg Lastowka suggests.
  • The body in charge of the .kz ccTLD removed two names which were used for "objectionable" content. Reporters Without Borders call it censorship.
  • New domain name case in India.
  • Interesting thread on reverse domain name hijacking on the INTA list.

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