January 21, 2012


In case domains are being seized from the registrar, it would be safer to choose a non-US registrar[...]”.

This is the answer MegaUpload business developer made to a July 8, 2010 e-mail by MegaUpload CEO Kim DOTCOM entitled “attention”, which contained a link to a news article entitled “Pirate Bay and Megaupload Escape Domain Seizure by US”. This article explained how the US Government was taking action against sites making available movies and TV shows. In his e-mail,DOTCOM wrote “this is a serious threat to our business. Please look into this and see how we can protect ourselfs” (sic). He asked “Should we move our domain to another country (canada or even HK?)” (pages 44-45 of the Indictment).

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CM said...

31 octobre 2012 : le même a compris la leçon ! “It is not safe for cloud storage sites or any business allowing user generated content to be hosted on servers in the United States or on domains like .com / .net. The US government is frequently seizing domains without offering service providers a hearing or due process.” (source)