March 03, 2008

.rs names open for registration

The Serbian National Register of Internet Domain Names informs that registration of .rs names will begin on March 10 (at noon).


Cathy said...

So, could a Serb entity located in Mitrovica register as .rs? Why or why not? Something tells me someone is going to at least try.

Anonymous said...

Or most probably Kosovo's going to get its own ccTld (ks ko and kv are all available)...

(Kosovo region was know as [and still is from the PoV of Serbians...] as Kosovo-Metohija. ISO code was CS-KM.

Serbia's code was CS-SR and indeed Serbia got SR. But Kosovo cannot get KM since it's assigned to Comoros Is.

The "government" of Kosovo uses KS (

For "vanity domains", KS would certainy be more usable (fitting basically all names ending in K, plural: frea.ks / hac.ks / crac.ks / hehm.... ;-)