August 22, 2005

Cease and desist letter via FedEx

This is the work of Jose Avila, who uses empty FedEx boxes to build furniture (more pictures here).
Does the domain name infringes FedEx's rights on its trademark? Not in itself, according to FedEx, but the use "of an identical mark and trade dress in connection with was and is likely to create confusion as to the source, sponsorship and affiliation of Mr. Avila's goods or services." They also argued that there is a violation of the copyright FedEx owns on the packaging (to discover their conclusion, click here).

[spotted on Phosita]


Furniture From Home said...

Boxes as sturdy as bedroom furniture. You would think that Fed Ex would be all over this kid with a marketing campaign. Not suing him. He's a genius in my book! Plus, I'll be shipping with FedEx from now on.

Anonymous said...
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