January 12, 2005

Pas besoin d'un bon nom de domaine pour un blog de qualité

C'est l'avis (documenté) de Loïc Le Meur. Mais au fait, il y a des gens qui cherchent à faire de l'audience sur leur blog ?

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Anonymous said...

Pas besoin d'un bon nom de domaine pour un blog de qualité... but that is certainly useful when you want to go back to that site!

You might arrive by chance to someone's blog, to read the article about -say- pollution in china, by clicking on a link on another website or on a search engine results' page that points to:


but if you want to surf again to that blog/site you might not be lucky enough to find it (http://www.ilmondodiquark.blog.aruba.it/) again...

however, if the blog's name is simply:


then it's much easier... isn't it?

By the way, I notice the change of subject of this blog. No more domaines but enames (keywoards, domains names, etc.)

it's intelligent: when I am not at my PC I find this blog by searching "domaine blog" on google... so a good ranking for a simple keyword is just as important (more i think) than a good domain name.


Say you need to remeber a website called VoIPasia.hk
the dn is easy... cool... trendy,etc.

but someday you forget it... and therefore you try and try (asiaVoIP.com - chinaIPtel... and so on... you even try VoIPasia.com and maybe even VoIPasia.com.hk) with no luck...

if that site has a good ranking for, say, "VoIP asia" and similar simple combinations of related keywoards, you will just need to search that and flip thru the first 100 results (it's quicker than you think) and you will eventually find it.

Unlike a domain name, s.e. keywords accept errors and display a list of matches you can choose from.

Domain names are either correct or wrong, unless we want Verisign catch-all dn resolution system back!