April 23, 2007

RealNames 2.0 ?

RealNames offered companies to buy keywords that would direct people who type them into their browser address bar to a particular website. The company went out of business in June 2002.
OpenDNS is a new company which system may seem close to RealNames'. Internet users can create keywords or shortcuts and link them to the website of their choice. This system also corrects common spelling mistakes.

It seems to work like the late YouCann (users have to change their DNS settings). And the business model? Nothing new here: "OpenDNS makes money by offering clearly labeled advertisements alongside organic search results when the domain entered is not valid and not a typo we can fix". Contextual ads! But not only: "OpenDNS will provide additional services on top of its enhanced DNS service, and some of them may cost money".
No trademark issues: Users will create their own keywords or shortcuts, for private uses. But the system may raise a governance issue: Remember New.Net v. ICANN?

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