October 29, 2008

Good Day.

It is my sincere prayers and wishes that the year has been fulfilling and rewarding for you and your family. Sorry to surprise you and take some of your time in going through this unexpected e-mail of plea for your understanding and assistance.

This message may come as a surprise as we have not met and we may never meet, but I am desperately in need of help. I got your contact email address from a search I made on the Internet. I cannot contact any of my relatives because of the on-going situation in cyberspace.
I am the son of the late domain owner Ann O'Nymous, who was sentenced to death by the Thomas D. Wingate, Judge, Franklin Circuit Court, Kentucky, on October 16, 2008.

My reason of sending you this mail is because I have inherited several premium dotcom domain names, worth $15,000,000,00 (fifteen million United States dollars). It is my last wish to see that money distributed to victims of weird cyberlaw judicial decisions. I would like you to help me resell these domain names and dispatch the money to people who deserve it and let them know that it is my mother, Ann O'Nymous, who is making this generous donation. I would like you to deduct 15% of the total money as a reward for your time and generosity.

As soon as I receive your reply showing your full dedication and honesty to assist me, I will forward you the details of my registrar, and my login and password. Thank you and God bless.


france said...

une reconversion ?

Guillaume said...

Excellent !!!

Anonymous said...
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