May 04, 2009

JPA: EU Commissioner for Information Society and Media's point of view

In a video posted today (May 4, 2009), Viviane Reding makes the case for a new governance model for the internet, with a "fully private and accountable ICANN, accompanied by an independent judicial body, as well as a "G12 for Internet Governance" – a multilateral forum for governments to discuss general internet governance policy and security issues" (IP/09/696).

In a clear and pedagogical message, she explains what is the ICANN, what is its role, and that it is supervised by the USA, "in a reasonable manner" she says.
Nevertheless, she declares that, with the coming expiry of the JPA (due September 30), time has come for the USA to "release" ICANN. Full privatization should follow, the Commissioner sustains, along with full independance (independance from who? Her speech leaves this issue aside).

"The courts of California alone are certainly not best placed to handle legal challenges originating in all continents of the world", she said, thus arguing for a "full judicial review of ICANN decisions by a small, independent international tribunal" (if it exists one day, I volunteer!).

As for Internet Governance, she pleads for "an informal group of government representatives that meets at least twice a year and can make, by majority, recommendations to ICANN where appropriate", with the suggestion of a geographical representativeness (2 representatives from each North America, South America, Europe and Africa, 3 representatives from Asia and Australia - ICANN Chairman would be a non-voting member).

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