December 01, 2005

In the news

No time to comment (and not enough procedural skills to understand some of the US cases mentioned below), unfortunately, but these news seem worth mentioning:
  • Netcraft's take on domain parking industry
  • World of Domain Name Developers Inc., asked the United States District Court in San Jose, California to stop the ICANN from allowing VeriSign Inc. to maintain control of the .com domain until 2012. This follows the recent settlement between VeriSign and ICANN (more on ICANNWatch)
  • Another lawsuit hit ICANN, this one by the Coalition for ICANN Transparency Inc., which was denied a temporary restraining order yesterday (Lextext)
  • There are still metatags lawsuits! Prof. Goldman mentions Salu, Inc. v. Pitts, in which the former alleges the later copied the code and content of its website. The website name "repeatedly appeared within the code for the website, proving that the site had originally been created as a copy of the website". Complainant also alleged its competitor managed to have a better placement in search engines because of this copying.

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