November 25, 2006

Saturday round up

  • .za (South Africa): Dispute resolution rules implemented [regulations in their current state on the .za NIC website).
  • Another .com name hijacked [Statement on Domain Name Stolen Incident - PC News]
  • A software will help companies monitor what people say about their brands on Internet sites [New-York Times]
  • Cathy summarizes a Stanford conference on "click fraud"
  • Even the holders of very famous trademarks cannot bar third parties to use .com names using their acronym: A few years ago, Deutsche Welles failed to get, and Louis Vuitton recently lost its case against the holder of (NAF 796276). In both cases, the respondents used the names for a significant period of time for business purposes (on the contrary, the US company Virtual Works lost to Volkswagen, but there were evidence it tried to sell this name to the car manufacturer).

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