January 09, 2009

ADR news

On CircleID, G. Kirikos writes that WIPO's Arbitration and Mediation Center considers dropping the paper in UDRP complaints (the full proposal was made to ICANN and can be read on its website). The author approves this move, which is indeed interesting... but not isolated! The newly approved UDRP provider Czech Arbitration Court will begin next week its electronic UDRP service. Effective January 12, it will possible to file a complaint electronically.
So far, the competition between the two majors dispute resolution providers (NAF and WIPO) was soft, limited to the content of their supplemental rules. There might be more competition now that CAC enters the game (provided complainants choose it to handle cases...), and this move by WIPO can be a sign of this changing landscape.

In other news, a complainant who wins proceedings over a .be name will be reimbursed the total of the administrative costs (a little more than 1,600 €). This will apply in cases filed after February 15 (see DNS.be press release). DNS.be was already reimbursing half the costs.

[Disclosure: I am a panelist to the CAC and a third decider to the CEPINA]

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