January 07, 2006

Back to the "jewsforjesus" case

Now that Blogger (Google) is sued for letting a user blog under the name jewsforjesus.blogspot.com, what will happen to:
  • nike.blogspot.com (famous British soccer team logo used in the layout)
  • cocacola.blogspot.com (nothing posted)
  • nestle.blogspot.com (regular blog)
  • volvo.blogspot.com (one post, dated May 2002)
  • lindt.blogspot.com (two posts, june 2002)
  • leonidas.blogspot.com (nothing)
  • snickers.blogspot.com (title: "Abercrombiesuckz"!)
  • bounty.blogspot.com (first and last post: Jan. 2003)
  • chrysler.blogspot.com (worked in 2003)
  • hilton.blogspot.com (news from the Hilton family)

1 comment:

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