August 06, 2007

Introduction of new gTLDs

Pages 31 to 37 of ICANN GNSO Final Report on Introduction of New Generic Top-Level Domains (July 30, 2007) are like an inventory of national trademark laws and international texts regarding protection of distinctive signs.

Quote: New TLDs "must not infringe the existing legal rights of others that are recognized or enforceable under generally accepted and internationally recognized principles of law". The number of countries which signed treaties on the protection of trademarks is lower than the number of countries the internet reaches: Is such discussion fully relevant?

Quote: New TLDs "must not be contrary to generally accepted legal norms relating to morality and public order that are recognized under international principles of law" (page 56). I understand the concern, but how can there be an agreement at a global level on what is morality and public order? (see footnotes 66 and 67 in the document)

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