February 19, 2009

Rise in UDRP appeals

The late (and regretted) website udrplaw used to count appeals against UDRP decisions. The list never went farther than 40.
Reading this article on UDRP hijacking by Susan O'Neill, I learn that there at least "60 lawsuits against various brand owners who successfully prevailed in UDRP decisions" before the High Court of Bombay in Mumbai. Apparently, a registrar built up with accomplice registrants a scheme based on the "mutual jurisdiction" provision, to resist to the enforcement of UDRP decisions. "The court records also show that most of these suits have been filed by the same three domain registrants: one with approximately 23 lawsuits against brand owners, a second with 15 lawsuits, and, more recently, yet another with 9 such lawsuits".

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