April 02, 2006

Interesting Facts About Domain Names

You hoped you would register THE domain name? Read Dennis Forbes's survey: There are no 2-letters or 3-letters domain names available anymore in the .com space. As of the day the author analyzed the data (March 28, 2006), there were still 97,786 4-letters and 11,015,028 5-letters .com names to be registered (fancy a qzwww.com? It's taken!).
"The most popular registered domain name length is actually 11 characters long" (for 63 characters names, see this post). "The most common letter to start a domain is S", and the most common digit is 1. Famous (English) first names and most spread family names (in the US) are of course already registered.
So far, nothing unexpected. But I was stunned when I discovered that 8,000 names begin with the trademark Google! And not all the names belong to the Californian firm...

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