December 01, 2004

The return Of RealNames

The blog at SearchEngineWatch reports that Real Names is born again. Real Names could have been an alternative to the domain naming system.

See also the post by the new owner of


Anonymous said...

There's something like this already, but it only works for the people who are using mozilla/firefox browsers.

If you type a word or a phrase into the address box that clearly are now URLs, you authomatically get directed to Google's "I feel lucky" search for that word/phrase and therefore, to the website that best your 'keywords' in Google. become "cantonese", becomes "cantonese forums", etc.

However, it relies on google which is a public company

cedric manara said...

Actually, Internet Explorer allows that too: by default, a word entered in the URL field redirects the user to MSN (I guess you may change this option).
Some providers also modify their clients' browser. For example, Netzero redirects the user to the search tool they have choosen.
I agree it's an approaching system (and Real Names was bought by Microsoft I recall). But I don't agree that Google is a public company!