October 20, 2006

News round up

.com: In the spamhaus.com case, an American court declined to issue an order against ICANN, considering that the relief the plaintiff sought was too broad to be warranted under the circumstances (ICANN News).

.eu: The registry EURid challenges an ADR decision released this summer. To my knowledge, this is the first time the Registry uses article 22.13 of EC Regulation 874/2004 ("The results of ADR shall be binding on the parties and the Registry unless court proceedings are initiated within 30 calendar days of the notification of the result of the ADR procedure to the parties").

UDRP: WIPO announces it issued its 25,000th case related to a dispute. Actually, there have been less than 10,000 UDRP cases so far. WIPO handled 25,000 cases when it adds all the sunrise disputes.

Google Page Rank: Domain strength is taken into account by Google, according to SEOmoz. Domain strength would be a combination of: Registration history, domain name age, strength of links pointing to the domain name, topical neighborhood of domain name based on inlinks & outlinks, historical use & links pattern to domain name. The fact that a keyword is in the domain name is also of importance (this was more or less obvious).

AdWords: A French court ruled in favor of Google in an Adwords case last week. The lawsuit was grounded on article L. 716-6 of the French IP code. Case name is Citadines v. Google

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Anonymous said...

Nice to hear the news, but it is spamhaus.ORG not .COM that is mentioned by ICANN.