October 06, 2006

Tata: New episode

In one of the most criticized UDRP cases since 2000, Tata Sons, an Indian company sought and won the transfer of bodacioustatas.com.
In the end of an interesting op-ed published by The Guardian, Prof. Zittrain (hello Jon!) reveals that "bodacioustatas.com is up for sale for $1,200. Even Tata Sons Ltd didn't think it that important to keep." To Jon, "domain names are no longer such an important way to get somewhere" (I do not fully agree, since search tools rely on domain names for indexing).
If you check the Whois for this name, you may see that it does not belong to Tata Sons anymore. The owner sells it with this disclaimer: "An infamous domain name with an interesting history - please google domain before inquiring"
Did the owner choose to sell it for over 1,000 $ because of its meaning, or because of its history? (or both?). Anyhow, the price is lower than the costs of the UDRP proceedings to get the transfer of this name...

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