April 25, 2005

If famous brands bought Top Level Domains

.hm would mean Hennes & Mauritz (and not Heard and McDonald Islands),
.lv would mean Louis Vuitton (and not Latvia),
.bt would mean British Telecom (and not Bhutan),
.gm would mean General Motors (and not Gambia),
M & M's would buy .mm to Myanmar,
.lu could stand for Lu, a popular French trademark for biscuits (and not for Luxembourg).

Add your suggestion here.


J.-F. Carter said...

.ms would mean Marks & Spencer (and not Montserrat)

.fm would mean Fortnum & Mason (grand magasin londonien, et non l'Etat Fédéral de Micronésie)

.th would mean Tommy Hilfiger (and not Thailand)

.sm would stand for Sun Microsystems (and not for San Marin or anything else...)

.om would stand for Olympique de Marseille (and not for Oman)

.cm would mean Cédric Manara (and not Cameroun)

& of course, .li would stand for GNU/LINUX (and not Liechtenstein)!!!!

Benoit Tabaka said...

.ck would mean Calvin Klein (and not Cook Islands)

Frédéric said...

.af would mean Air France instead of Afghanistan [we could browse the IATA codes list for further 2-letter signs]

.cc would means Creative Commons (Cedric, are you taking over Coco Islands to provide a domaine name for this blog ?)

Christmas Island would leave its name to a Citroen car (.cx)

Marks & Spencer would sell .ms (Montserrat) to Microsoft

.st would be handed over by Sao Tome and Principe either to Suicidal Tendencies or ST Microelectronics

.cd would mean Christian Dior, instead of Congo

.ca would mean C&A, not Canada

.ly would mean Lipton Yellow, not Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

.pg would mean Procter & Gamble (not Papua New Guinea)

.cl would mean Crédit Lyonnais, not Chile (various banks are among the possibilities provided by other ccTLDs)

.nf would be handed over by Norfolk Island to Nouvelles Frontières (or it could be certified by Afnor)

.ge could mean General Electric instead of Georgia

.cg would mean Charles Gervais, not Republic of Congo