April 12, 2005

The owner of the ".nu"

Read page 71 in this book on Harmonized Development of Legal and Regulatory Systems for E-commerce in Asia and the Pacific: Current Challenges and Capacity-Building Needs, in the chapter Overview of the regulatory framework for e-commerce in selected Pacific island countries by Mohammed L. Ahmadu: "In 1997, Samoa amended its Communications Act to encourage the operation and development of Internet services in the country. It transferred the property held by the defunct Pacific Internet Services Limited to the Post Office (see the Posts and Telecommunications Internet Act Number 27 of 1997: Cf. Communications (Amendment) Act Number 251 (2000) Niue. It amended the Communications Act 1989 by designating the ownership and management of the country’s code Top level Domain .nu).". This is another example of property of (part of) the domain name system, by government decree.

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