October 28, 2004

Bush website adopts isolationist stance

Seen in The Register, this stunning information:
International access to the official re-election website of US President George W. Bush (georgewbush.com) has been blocked. Surfers from outside the US trying to reach the site receive an "access denied" message.
...Although overseas visitors to www.georgewbush.com are blocked https://georgewbush.com or still work. resolves as GeorgeWBush.com which illustrates how cack-handed the blocking is.
This an unexpected and stunning example of autarchy from a candidate in an election with global consequences, watched from all the countries in the world.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It's actually but it has been blocked to.

I'm using a proxy to access the site (most US proxies from http://www.stayinvisible.com/index.pl/proxy_list will work just fine)

I wonder what 'Republicans abroad' - who published a lot of ads on various international editions of American magazines and newspaper - will think of this move... (see: http://republicansabroad.org/)