October 20, 2004

No sex.eu please, we're British

In a ZDNet UK article, experts predict that the name sex.eu will be a hot (of course!) issue in the next months, when registrations open.
Obviously, they forgot that the article 18 of the EC regulation forbids registrations contrary to the public policy, and "shall be blocked by the Registry upon notification of a Court decision and shall be revoked upon notification of a final court decision".

UPDATE: By the way, "sexeu" means nothing. But if you want to register a domain name which has a meaning, why not choose adi.eu, em.eu, f.eu, j.eu, l.eu, li.eu, mili.eu, par.eu, priedi.eu, purli.eu (all spotted in the Webster's Online Dictionary).


Anonymous said...

You mention .eu used in common French words quite a few times.

Will people understand those, and easily rememeber them? I personally like them as you probably already know... But I've found it difficult to get people to really understand: they end up forgetting the .[dot], realizing there's no tld, and adding a .com/.it/.fr etc. to complete the DN.

So adi.eu becomes first adieu, then adieu.com

Personal example; the common (Italian) name: Francesca; I've tried to have one person register it as 'nces.ca' (so the w.s. and email would have been http://fr@nces.ca - fr@nces.ca) - but it didn't work out.

cedric manara said...

They look like French words - and they are indeed! But they are used in English (follow the link to Webster: You'll be amazed as I was to discover they could be used in the English language).
You are skeptical, and as you I am not sure the pun could work: It's true some people could get confused and understand "adi.eu" as "adieu.com". But it also depends on how you advertise it (the ad could play with the dot, and emphasize on it).
Because of the scarcity of domain names, we have to be creative! (for example, look at Stefan's e-mail address, at the very bottom of this webpage).

Anonymous said...

sex.eu links to www.sexycrack.com ? Is not my domain name. Sylvain grand

Anonymous said...

perhaps the french will find it easier to remember addresses such as mili.eu, given that the .eu is for Europeans (such as myself)