October 06, 2004

When a domain name hides the truth...

When Edwards and Cheney were debating yesterday ("debating"? Speaking one after the other I would say), the later mentioned a website by its domain name, FactCheck.com. Actually the website is factcheck.org, a website specializing in... telling the truth! Thus, this morning, they correct the Vice-President: "Cheney got our domain name wrong -- calling us "FactCheck.com"". And they offer an interesting analysis of the whole debate - way more interesting than a misleading domain name. Here, we know that one mustn't always trust domain names!

UPDATE [Oct. 6, 1.30 pm]: According to Wonkette, this domain name was bought by George Soros after the debate. I have not found any reliable source, and the WhoIs says the last update was on September 12, 2004 (search made a few minutes ago). But this domain was for sale: Look here.

UPDATE [Oct. 6, 4.30 pm]: Just to procrastinate, MSN Slate first wrote that George Soros bought the factcheck.com URL after Cheney referred to it and redirected its traffic to GeorgeSoros.com. The article was then corrected like this: "According to the Wall Street Journal, the company that owns factcheck.com, Name Administration Inc., took advantage of Cheney's error to redirect traffic to a page titled, "Why we must not re-elect President Bush: a personal message from George Soros"" [spotted on LexText]

UPDATE [Oct. 6, 4.45 pm]: According to a Globe and Mail article,
FactCheck.com decided to redirect traffic after it became inundated with hits — about 100 a second after the debate, John Berryhill, a Philadelphia lawyer for FactCheck.com, said Wednesday. And it directed traffic to the Soros site at www.georgesoros.com.
"This was to relieve stress on the service and to express a political point of view," said Mr. Berryhill, who spoke with the site's administrators shortly after the debate ended."

Why Soros and not your blog? ;-) "Because the billionaire could afford the costly deluge of hits the site would receive in the wake of the debate". George writes, under the headline "FactCheck.com Correction":
"We do not own the FactCheck.com domain name and are not responsible for it redirecting to GeorgeSoros.com. We are as surprised as anyone by this turn of events. We believe that Vice President Cheney intended to direct viewers of the Vice-Presidential Debate to FactCheck.org."

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