June 21, 2005

The ".jobs" Reserve List Policy

The "exclusion syndrome" strikes back! Here is an excerpt of the .jobs Reserve List Policy. Interestingly it applies to generic names...

"The ability to secure a generic word in .jobs is highly dependent upon your legal or commonly known company name - if you are not known by that word, you can not register it. Additionally, various generic terms and identifiers, such as geographic names (major cities, countries, etc.), industry and occupational classifications, profane words and other terms of common interest to the HR Community are subject to the .jobs Reserve List Policy.

The .jobs Reserve List Policy includes the following product categories. Domains in these categories are either registry-reserve or otherwise reserved from registration:
1. Occupational and Industry (e.g., nursing.jobs, accounting.jobs, retail.jobs)
2. Geographic (e.g., cityname.jobs, regionname.jobs, zipcode.jobs)
3. ICANN-reserved (e.g., country.jobs, icann.jobs, iana.jobs)
4. Other Generics (e.g., recruit.jobs, blow.jobs [Yes, they wrote it!])
Names reserved into any of the above categories are not available for registration in the companyname.jobs category."

1 comment:

Anonymous said...


I think that .JOBS is heading down the same path as .PRO. Add the fact that the market is already saturated with other generic and ccTLD's that are open to the public, shorter and much, MUCH cheaper to register (.JOBS costs $195.00 per year!) and I think we have a recipe for failure here.

I might be wrong--and I wish the .JOBS namespace well--but I don't think it's going anywhere.

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