July 20, 2007

Official Report on the implementation, functioning and effectiveness of the .eu TLD

You read it here first: The European Commission is satisfied with the way the .eu TLD works (COM(2007) 385 final).

  • "The price paid by end user generally reflected the level and quality of the service offered by the registrar" (§ 3.2.2) [note the "generally"]
  • "The ADR fees (starting at €1,850) compare favourably with those charged by similar arbitration bodies. In view of the good results during the first year of operations, the Czech Arbitration Court lowered its fees by 7% as of 1 January 2007. There is a further 10% discount on the ADR fees applicable to the parties who use advanced esignature during ADR Proceedings" (§ 3.2.3)
  • "there is an increasing trend towards using .eu domains once they have been registered as opposed to simply registering them as a precautionary measure" (§ 4.1)
  • "All in all, it can be concluded that the launch of the “.eu” TLD has been a successful and effective exercise, which meets real demand among the European citizens, industry and other organisations" (§ 4.1)
  • "There is no indication that the level of disputes or problems within “.eu” was any higher than for any comparable TLD" (§ 5)

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Xavier Le Cerf & Nicolas Ivaldi said...

Cher Cédric, peut-on faire de l'article § 3.2.2 un principe général du droit ? :)