May 24, 2008

This blog is four years old this month.

Thanks to all for your faithfulness (you are more than 500 subscribers to the RSS feed; I remind to all that you can also subscribe to the articles I share without commenting them on this blog).
I also thank you for your comments and/or the information you share.

Nearly 1,500 posts have been published so far (but I wonder how many were really of interest to you!). The template is old and needs a serious update... I will work on it when I have time (ahem).


TOMHTML said...

Bon bloganniv' !

Armen said...

Merci bien pour ce blog, tres interessant!

Bon anniversaire!

Anonymous said...

Ah pu**** ! quatre ans ! Qui aurait cru que ça passerai si vite :)

bon anniv :)