May 29, 2004

Barney Looses (more)

Since the internet is popular, the Dinosaur Barney doesn't like its photo to be used on websites or its trademark in domain names. That's why he threw fire at Barney, a 6-years-old British boy, whose father registered
Tom Loosemore, the father, registered this name just after Barney was born, in 1998. The trademark owners sued him before the Nominet UK Dispute Resolution Service, saying that "any person who typed the url [sic] would expect to be presented with information regarding 'barney TV program, [sic] merchandising, fan club and other barney children activities which surrounds [sic] the name".
The Expert refused the transfer of the name, because the complainant "has failed to prove that the Domain Name is an Abusive Registration". A story that reminds another one, Chan's, who was a such a fan of Harry Potter that he created a web page which address was Warner Bros sued him, and 40 other persons, and lost.
[For the whole story, see ICANNWatch]

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cedric manara said...

The same complainant also lost the "" case. See WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center, Lyons Partnership, L.P. and HIT Entertainment PLC v. NetSphere, Inc., Case No. D2004-0118, May 27, 2004.