November 16, 2004

China: Website hijacking not a crime?

A Hanghzhou company has been left without legal redress following the hijacking of its website by a competitor. Hangzhou LIPU Power Supply Co., Ltd (LIPU) registered its website,, to act as an online shop-front for their business, products and to establish a place to contact with the clients. A Mr Li, a former employee of LIPU, later established Hangzhou CHUIZHI Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (CHUIZHI) specialising in similar fields to LIPU. CHUIZHI also established a website as an online shop-front for its business under the domain name However, using the password of his former company's website, Mr. Li changed the system setting to make re-direct traffic from LIPU's website to his own company's website. The re-direction informed web-users that the company's new domain name was The web-users were further directed to change all their billing details and information to correspond to Mr Li's new company.... [Continued on Rouse & co.'s newsletter #233]

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Anwalt said...

I think this is the serious crime if we are realize. But its not a good sign to see that in china their are website hijacking not a crime. I think china should consider this.