November 16, 2004

Second Level Domain news

NEW-ZEALAND: InternetNZ, through the Office of the Domain Name Commissioner, is consulting on a proposed amendment to the Moderation Policy for the Second Level Domain. If enacted, this change will have a material impact on the policy: There would be a change to the types of names that can be registered in (names which are not currently able to be registered, will be eligible for registration under the revised policy).
[, Office of Domain Name Commissioner]

VENEZUELA: Following a Resolution of the Secretary of State for Science and Technology (N° 240, Official Gazette n° 38.064, Nov. 12, 2004), there will be a new SLD It will be used to register the domain names of the State and its administrative departments.
This new SLD will replace the old one, The reason?
"gob" stands for "gobierno", which is the proper way to designate the Government in Castilian, the official language of the República Bolivariana de Venezuela.
[El Universal; For the registrations rules, see the local NIC]

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