November 03, 2004

L'AFNIC va reprendre la gestion du ".tf"

Confiée depuis 1997 à la société de droit anglais AdamsNames, la gestion du domaine .tf (Terres Australes et Antarctiques Françaises) est en cours de transfert au bénéfice de l'AFNIC, qui gère déjà le .fr (France), le .re (Réunion), le .wf (Wallis et Futuna), le .pm (Saint-Pierre et Miquelon) et le .yt (Mayotte) - ces trois derniers n'étant pas encore ouverts à l'enregistrement. l'AFNIC essaie actuellement de prendre la responsabilité des .mq (Martinique), .gp (Guadeloupe), et .gf (Guyane Française).
Gageons que l'étape suivante, après la réunion de tous ces domaines, sera l'attribution officielle de la gestion, en vertu de l'article 24 de la loi sur les communications électroniques.


Anonymous said...

Hi Cédric!

I wanted to ask you, what gives AFNIC (and a French Organization, for that matters) the right to administer and sell [make money] from all those ccTLDs?

Are all those DOM (therefore with limited independence)? I know that some (which are TOM) have their own right to manage their ccTLDs (like .nc/.pf/etc.)

But then isn't .wf a TOM also?

And, if you know anything about it, what happened to .fx?? It just... disappeared!!!


cedric manara said...

Hi Fabio
During the 80's and 90's, the TLDs were delegated to the first one who asked for it, if he had the credentials to manage the system (see P. Yu, The neverending ccTLD story, or Erica Schlesinger Wass's book Addressing the world).
A French Tech Research Center had the delegation (in 88 I believe). Since then, it has had the authority for the .fr.
Last summer, a law on electronic communications was enacted in France. One of its provisions states that the Minister in charge of electronic communications must designate the authority that will be responsible for the ccTLDs of the French territory.
So far, nothing has been done, and AFNIC is still the de facto authority, and is likely to be the one to be choosen by the Governement (I see no reason why another one would be designated, and I have not heard of potential competitors).
As the Minister has not moved yet, he could be sued before an administrative court for "shortcomings" [carence].
According to me, the main question is: Does the French Government have competence to redelegate the ccTLDs of the French territory, as they belong to the ICANN and not to the State of France?