November 17, 2004

The highly disputed domain name has not been transferred

The owner of the complained about the panelists allocation in a UDRP procedure against him (read the story here).
The domain name holder will probably no longer criticize the procedure, as he won the case (WIPO D2004-0555).
The decision reads: "There was an unusually long delay in this administrative proceeding between the date of filing of the Response and the appointment of the Panel. From a perusal of the numerous items of e-mail correspondence between the parties and the Center, the delay was caused by challenges by the Respondent to some of the candidates nominated by the Center to be Presiding Panelist. These issues took some time to resolve... There has been no challenge by either party to any of the members of the Panel ultimately appointed by the Center."

[UPDATE, Nov. 23: There is a new article on this by The Register, the journal which first reported about alleged unfairness in this case]

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