August 27, 2004


"The Respondent responded to the Complaint in three emails, which are set out below, verbatim.
March 16, 2001
Thanks for email. I can not speak English. Please teach me in Japanese. Domain name (giorgio-armani) is my Dog’s name. Dog’s name is a private name.

April 3, 2001
Dear sir,
I’m sorry I can’t respond to you sooner. I can’t speak English. Is Domain Name problem? I thought "" "GIORGIO ARMANI" is different. My Dog’s name. I don’t use registered Trade Mark "GIORGIO ARMANI". I use name for non-commercial use. But If it is problem, I must change my Domain Name. I’m not "cyber squatter". As for me, it has not tried even one time probably will sell Domain Name. I do not like the needless dispute. I don’t have Bad Faith. I want canceling accusation. Please check my site http://www.giorgio-armani. net. I have cancelled the release of the web site. Cost is required for domain acquisition. I want considering this. Please let me advice. I being to poor English, apologize the fact that you applied annoyance. Especially when it becomes legal terminology, to be difficult, in addition because translation and attorney cost cannot be applied, I would like you to explain with Japanese. I look forward to receiving your response.


April 4, 2001
Dear Sir
Thanks for email. I can’t see "22resdefault(0309).doc" Could you see my mail (April 04, 2001 4.49 AM Japan Time)?
[WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center, GA Modefine SA v. Castle Rock Planning, Case No. D2001-0309]

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