May 30, 2006

In the news

  • After a long battle, Switzerland won the names, and (WIPO DCH2006-0003).
  • Prof. Eric Goldman comments Merck & Co. v. Mediplan Health Consulting, Inc., 2006 (May 24, 2006), where the court found keyword purchases aren't trademark use (under US laws). Quote: "in the search engine context, defendants do not ‘place’ the ZOCOR marks on goods, containers, displays, or associated documents, nor do they use the marks to indicate source or sponsorship....This internal use of the keyword ‘Zocor’ is not use of the mark in the trademark sense."
  • Eric also comments O'Reilly's attempt to enjoin a non-profit enterprise from using "Web 2.0" (does this apply to bloggers? I apologize for infringing!). See also M. Schwimmer.
  • Did you know that Apple objects to deep linking? Andrès Guadamuz and LawFont have more.
  • The Arbitration Center for .eu disputes already released twelve decisions in twelve days.

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