June 29, 2006


According to the .eu status report, there were 2,000,046 active .eu domain names on June 29, 2006 at 1.52 pm.

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E-ZONE said...

Yes the .EU is a "success" if you look at it and base the analysis on gross figures given by stats. Unfortunately it seems there are still a few issues here and there.

Many .EU domain name regsitered during the Sunrise periods have still not been approved by the EURID. For instance some organisations may see a domain for which they have made a demand in january still on the "initial status" of the process...

Also, it appears the .EU is causing problems to some search engines. In fact some crawlers are not indexing properly the .EU extension and even sometimes simply ignoring it.

So reaching the 2 million unit is a good trend. Taking 2% of the domain name market in a few months is a great achievement. Now is the time to really build on the extension and make it a Net Reality.

.EU domain name registration specialist