June 05, 2006

  • youthforvolpe.ca, a parody website was taken down because its domain holder failed to meet Canadian Presence Requirements under CIRA policies, and is now back online (Michael Geist).
  • A registrar is sued for abusing its status by "checking out" hundreds of domain names that closely resemble the correct ones - and then keeping only the ones that were visited (CNET News.com, Adscriptor). It is the first time domain kiting goes to the court. Bret Fausett posted a copy of the complaint filed by Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman. Causes of action include violation of the US Consumer Protection Act. Exhibit 6 shows that defendant also owns several domains made from the trademarks Abercrombie, Disney, Vuitton, Cingular, Google, Ikea, etc.

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