September 24, 2004

"Fagoogle - Banned by Google"

This is the title of a press release Fagoogle, a gay website, chose to express its anger. Quotation:
"The creators of this website contacted Google prior to launching - and the Google response was to email us links to their terms and conditions, which we read and fully cooperate with. We understood that by following these terms carefully, we were being given the 'go-ahead' by Google. Google was not satisfied, however, and are now attempting to claim that this website domain name contains their 'intellectual property': the word 'google'.
We are scratching our heads over certain words used in an angry and aggressive email sent to us by the Google team, but we will lock until we complete the incorporation of another search tool (perhaps Microsoft Search might be interested) into our website. had a brief and costly run - we only managed to generate $3.91 using Google Adsense, which doesn't even cover the cost of our domain (which Google claims belongs to them). We'll donate this to charity anyway.

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