September 28, 2004

You can "figure" it out

"It is the clear language of the Policy that this administrative proceeding does only apply to disputes involving trademarks or service marks, but does not offer relief to holders of trade names, company names or any other commercial designations. As a result, in the event of abuse, holders of these rights are required to defend their legal rights through national judicial systems. (See The Recognition of Rights and the Use of Names in the Internet Domain Name System, Report of the Second WIPO Internet Domain Name Process, September 3, 2001,, at 138, in the following "Final Report", at 21 et seq. and 138)."
No transfer of the domain "name" (?) The Complainant, 01059 GmbH, was a German telecommunication network operator which was assigned in January 2004 the interconnection operator prefix 01059 by the German Regulatory Authority.
WIPO decision D2004-0541.

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abnu said...

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