September 20, 2004

John Doe's domain name

This is funny: Robin Stock tells how a German news agency wrote about the trial of Michael Jackson. In this procedure, to protect the alleged molested boy's anonymity, the kid is called John Doe. John Doe (or Jane Doe) is in the USA the legal term used to designate without designating.
But the German news agency retained this name, believing it was the name of the boy!
This post is followed by a "list of names for John Doe around the world": Fred Nurk or Joe Farnarkle in Australia, Mario Rossi in Italy, Matti Meikäläinen in Finland, Jean Dupont in France (this last one is closer to "Joe Schmoe"; Only X is used in justice, when the identity of an offender is not known yet, or to protect the victim when a criminal decision is published)... And all these names are also likely to be among the most disputed domain names in the world!

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Anonymous said...

And if the Jackson case becomes a movie, no one else but Alan Smithee himself will direct it.