September 01, 2004

ICANN publishes comprehensive evaluation of the introduction of the new gTLDs

When .aero, .biz, .coop, .info, .museum, .name and .pro gTLDs were launched in September 2001, the ICANN Board decided that it was important to evaluate the "proof-of-concept" under which they were introduced. Its report "Evaluation of the New gTLDs: Policy and Legal Issues", dated July 10, has just been published.
According to the summary, TLD expansion has attracted about 20 % new registrants. The new gTLD start-up periods proved generally effective at protecting the interests of trademark holders, but was perhaps too complex. The process also showed how hard it is to allocate the most desired names. Some gTLD were subject to restrictions that limit registrations, but they have not well been enforced: in the case of the .name, it seems that more than 10 % of the registrations were made for commercial purposes. ICANN also writes that the agreements with registries were too "heavy".

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