March 05, 2005

Blog search to track brand image?

It is reported that a new search engine would allow trademark holders to track what bloggers write about them (Netimperative).


Jean-Frédéric said...

This is just scarry!
Think of all the wonderful lawsuits it would enable... Talking of opening the floodgates makes me think of Lawrence Lessig's latest post on unauthorised linking ("Make my day, bill-ites"), which is quite funny!

CM said...

Well, Jeff, nothing new under the sun... Since there are powerful search tools, there have been such phenomena.
For (too) many examples, see Chilling Effects. Or have a look at this January 2001 story reported by Wired.
As for linking, look at the Terms of use of some big websites, and you might be amazed.
For a more recent example, see here (official Olympics Games websites linking policy).