March 07, 2005


In the mailbox today, this e-mail sent by a "Tracking specialist":
My name is M... and I track premium .com domains for Name Auditors. Our free service tracks which appears to have recently expired and is now available for public registration.
To register this domain name, please click the link at the bottom of this message, or go to www.- - - .com and enter your access code: 1xxxx2
We encourage you to register this domain name as soon as possible as expired .com domain names such as this are re-registered very quickly by others.
Our registration prices, including domain forwarding, are as follows:
Act quickly as domains are registered on a first come, first serve basis. Our free domain tracking is merely informative as we have not reserved for you. Please register this domain name at: ...

It's funny, because this domain expired, I think, in 2001 (we are talking *specialist*!). It is still available, if it inspires a reader ;-)

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