March 29, 2005

Who said...

"Perhaps I should be flattered that somebody imagines the name is worth so much, especially since my parents gave me the same name 42 years ago for free."

Bill Gates, on, in February 1998.

Other sighted sentences in the same column:
- "Until you know the rules of Internet names, it's easy to be confused by them."
- "In the long run it will be important to internationalize governance because the Internet is a worldwide medium." (on Domain names administration)
- "If scads of new top-level domains are opened up abruptly, trademark holders will have to defend their names on numerous new fronts--a huge investment that many smaller companies can ill afford, and that no company should have to afford."
- "Should you buy a domain name? If you have an actual use for a name that is available inexpensively, then yes."
- "it's only a matter of time before typing "Yellow Cab" will take you to the pages of the Yellow Cab company nearest you or that you've previously used. When that day comes, it won't matter so much if there are dozens of companies with "yellowcab" in their domain names--as long as none violate a trademark." This means Bill Gates foresaw... Google!

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